Species of Conservation Concern


Twenty-eight species, or almost a quarter of the state's butterfly fauna, warrant conservation concern. These are Uncommon or Rare species, which are Resident (breeding and over-wintering), have limited or specialized habitat, and are either declining according to 1991-2010 MBC records, or may be expected to decline as a result of climate warming and other factors.

The twenty species listed in Section I constitute almost one-fifth of Massachusetts butterfly species. They currently have no legal protection in the state. The additional eight species shown in Section II are already listed under the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act (MESA) as Endangered, Threatened, or of Special Concern.

For all these species, key populations should be monitored and conserved, and suitable habitat should be protected and properly managed.  Follow the link for the full Species Account.

Section I  Conservation Concern Species not currently protected

West Virginia White   Pieris virginiensis  ( habitat specialist; threats: garlic mustard, deer browse, forest fragmentation)

Bronze Copper   Lycaena hyllus    (uncommon, regional decline, warming sensitive)

Bog Copper   Lycaena epixanthe  (habitat specialist; regional concern; warming sensitive)

Acadian Hairstreak   Satyrium acadica (uncommon; possibly declining; warming sensitive)

Hoary Elfin   Callophrys polios (uncommon; habitat specialist; warming sensitive)

Juniper Hairstreak   Callophrys gryneus  (uncommon; possibly declining; regional concern)

Aphrodite Fritillary   Speyeria aphrodite  (uncommon; declining; warming sensitive)

Atlantis Fritillary    Speyeria atlantis   (uncommon; declining; warming sensitive)

Meadow Fritillary   Boloria bellona  (uncommon; declining; warming sensitive)

Harrisí Checkerspot   Chlosyne harrisii  (uncommon; declining; habitat specialist; warming sensitive)

Gray Comma   Polygonia progne   (rare; warming sensitive)

Arctic Skipper   Carterocephalus palaemon  (uncommon; boreal specialist; warming sensitive)

Leonardís Skipper   Hesperia leonardus  (uncommon; state and regional decline; warming sensitive)

Cobweb Skipper   Hesperia metea  (uncommon; habitat specialist; regional concern)

Indian Skipper   Hesperia sassacus   (uncommon; probably declining; warming sensitive)

Mulberry Wing   Poanes massasoit  (uncommon; habitat specialist; limited regional range)

Black Dash   Euphyes conspicua   (uncommon; habitat specialist; limited regional range)

Two-spotted Skipper   Euphyes bimacula  (rare; habitat specialist; regional decline)

Pepper and Salt Skipper   Amblyscirtes hegon  (uncommon; possibly declining; warming sensitive)

Common Roadside-Skipper   Amblyscirtes vialis  (rare; historical and regional decline; warming sensitive)


Section II  MESA-Listed Species of Conservation Concern

Mustard White   Pieris oleracea [= napi]   (Threatened)

Oak Hairstreak   Satyrium favonius  (Special Concern)

Frosted Elfin   Callophrys irus (Special Concern)

Bog Elfin   Callophrys lanoraieensis  ((Threatened)

Hesselís Hairstreak   Callophrys  hesseli  (Special Concern)

Early Hairstreak   Erora laeta  (Threatened)

Persius Duskywing  Erynnis persius  (Endangered)

Dion Skipper   Euphyes dion  (Threatened)



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